Cardiff University - Annual Review

Who We Are

Since 2003 we have been creating effective, engaging, market-minded design for hundreds of valued clients. The company was created and continues to be run by Simon Fry and Ieuan Morris, responsible for all things creative in equal measure.

Through an awareness of ever-changing creative trends, coupled with a dedicated and hard working approach, we continue to build, maintain and develop a wideranging client list. This approach is based on our founding principles of effective design and excellent client service.

Our UK-wide client list covers a variety of disciplines, including finance, education, facilities management, engineering, recruitment, tourism, local government, mining, architecture, healthcare and charitable organisations.

Over the past 13 years, we have successfully completed thousands of jobs of varying type and specification, providing bespoke artwork to a consistently high standard on time and on budget.

As a company we represent considerable design experience and have acquired detailed knowledge as to how we believe a project should be run and a client should be treated.

DBA As a member of the Design Business Association, we are committed to the highest level of professional standards in the way our business is run and the effectiveness of the work we produce. To read more on what it means to be a DBA member, please click here.

We remain as enthusiastic and dedicated a design team now as when we first started in 2003, but with the experience to match.

Simon Fry

Simon Fry
Creative Director

Ieuan Morris

Ieuan Morris
Creative Director

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How We Work

Be it a comprehensive branding project, bespoke website, iPad brochure app or exhibition graphics, our aim is always to make the design process as straightforward and enjoyable for our clients as possible.

In our experience good communication fom the outset is key - understanding the client’s ultimate aims for the project from an early stage is vital. This acts as a focus point for the duration of the project by which progress can be continually measured, ensuring budgets are adhered to and deadlines met.

Whilst every project is different, certain elements of the design process remain consistent;
Following an initial discussion(s) to discuss the project in detail, an estimate is raised and sent, along with any other relevant supporting material, to the client.
Once designer and client are happy that the aim of the project is understood and costs have been agreed, the design process can begin, ensuring regular communication as work progresses.
Visuals are produced to pre-arranged deadlines with the client encouraged to provide feedback once all relevant stakeholders have been consulted.
Feedback is discussed and new visuals created. This process continues until the client is happy the work is completed.
If, as the project progresses, costs increase above and beyond the initial estimate we will inform the client to discuss options.

A specific advantage of being a small studio is that the client has a direct line to the designer working on the project. This has proved to be a very effective approach, enabling the design process to be as efficient and effective as possible.

Should a project ever demand an extra pair of hands, we have an established list of freelance contacts who we can call on to progress work as and when required.
These are trusted associates who adhere to our company values and meet our high standards of professionalism. In such circumstances, Simon or Ieuan would remain as the client’s primary design contact.

Our insistence on quality is core to our business, helping to ensure an on-going relationship with our clients. We also take pride in catering for every eventuality on behalf of our clients in order to ensure a project’s success.

We very much appreciate the importance of each client’s goal/vision and we work with flexibility, dedication and integrity to ensure that these are achieved.

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What We Do

We all love to communicate. From cave paintings to the printing press, from the telephone to sharing the here and now on Twitter, we continue to invent ingenious ways to get our message across.

If your business has something to say, Cactus Design can help. We specialise in printed and digital media, creating innovative, bespoke graphics to ensure that your company’s voice is heard in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our services include...

  • Branding
  • Brochure Design
  • Signage / Livery
  • Corporate Identity
  • Newsletters
  • HTML Email Campaigns
  • Website Design
  • iPad Brochure Apps
  • Logo Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Photography
  • Illustration

We have a network of trusted suppliers who appreciate our continued insistance on quality. These services include printing (digital, lithographic and large format), website and HTML development, copywriting, bespoke illustration and photography. Our in-depth knowledge of such processes enables a project to achieve maximum impact whilst keeping costs competitive.

Why Cactus Design?

  • Innovative design
  • Wide-ranging service capability
  • Flexible approach to client requirement
  • Dedicated project management
  • Quality of client care